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Hi, my name is Carly Husick. I graduated summa cum laude from Susquehanna University in 2015 with a degree in creative writing and philosophy. In addition to my time at Susquehanna I've also studied at Columbia University and Pembroke and King's Colleges at Cambridge University in England.

I've spent the last year working in the publishing industry but what I love more than anything is to write.

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY where I'm working as a tutor, debate coach, and Judaic studies teacher.

Take a look at my CV, check out my other projects, hire me as a tutor, and read some of my work. This is
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Check out Bibli Reviews:

At Bibli we aspire to explore the many works created for us through literature. We are a group of twenty-something’s from across the Northern United States who have grown up learning and loving all things literary. We take the idea of combining forms seriously. We believe that poetry can have narrative and that prose can be poetic – we believe that commercial fiction has the same literary merit a work of strict literary fiction does. We believe in the power of narrative and it’s ability to create change in the world we’ve inherited. Come read with us!

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Hire me as a tutor on Smart Alec! I specialize in literature and writing!
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Check out some of my writing projects! I specialize in fiction and nonfiction and what I have posted here is a mix of both - I'm especially interested in the possibility of cross genre pieces that draw from both fiction and nonfiction and exist in-between the labels.