Carly E. Husick

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Welcome to my site! My name is Carly Husick. In 2015 I graduated summa cum laude from Susquehanna University with a degree in creative writing and philosophy. In addition to my time at Susquehanna I've also studied at Columbia University and Pembroke and King's Colleges at Cambridge University in England.

After graduating I spent a year working in the publishing industry as an editorial assistant and a publicity intern. My time spent working in an office surrounded by books made it very clear to me that while I love writing and reading working in the corporate world isn't for me.

I've spent this past year coaching middle school debate, teaching Hebrew and Sunday school, tutoring, editing college papers, and building websites. But this fall I'm headed to New Hampshire where I'll start working towards my Master of Fine Arts in Fiction at the University of New Hampshire!
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Bibli is the review site that I design and run! We are an online community of writers and readers with new content posted weekly on a wide variety of genres. Come read with us!
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Check out some of my writing projects in my virtual portfolio! I specialize in fiction and nonfiction. What I have posted here is a mix of both. I'm especially interested in the possibility of cross genre pieces that draw from both fiction and nonfiction and exist between the labels.