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Jay Butcher

Jay is a 22 year old human person with a love for modern and unconventional storytelling. He is a “dilettante” of the visual arts, and sometimes likes to pretend he knows things about illustration. When he’s not attempting to draw, Jay can be found indulging his secret obsession with Victorian detective crime dramas. Jay recently discovered how cool comics and graphic novels are after finally getting over his long-held snooty prejudice against magical, flying men that shoot laser beams out of their eyes. Jay says he’s pretty new at this “comics thing,” so don’t take his opinions too seriously. While he is primarily interested in reviewing comics and graphic novels, Jay is interested in any media where popular genres engage with deep, literary themes.

Currently, Jay’s favorite comic is the wonderful Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and artist Fiona Staples. He keeps telling us it’s pretty good, anyway. Jay currently resides in a big little suburban town near Rochester, NY but his bags are packed and any day now, he says, he could wind up anywhere in the US.