Patent protection is a keystone of intellectual property law. As Registered Patent Attorneys, the firm’s attorneys have drafted and prosecuted both domestic and international patent applications pertaining to an extremely broad range of technologies. We maintain an extensive network of associate attorneys abroad to guarantee our clients the highest quality protection for their inventions, world wide.

Because we are also inventors and patent-holders, we know exactly how important each patent is to our clients, and we understand the process from both sides. While the following
list is not a complete representation of the patents we have drafted for our clients, we believe that it is representative of the scope and depth our our technical and legal experience.

Representative Patents

The following United States Patents are intended to illustrate the creative range of inventors who have sought to protect their creations through obtaining patents. They are thought-provoking (and sometimes entertaining) examples of the variety of human endeavor. (Note: None of these patents have been procured by the attorneys of Lipton, Weinberger & Husick, nor have these inventors been represented by the firm.)

Interesting Inventions